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Every dialect has its own set of rules, and these slowly shift in spelling and meaning over time.  Rules can also change very quickly indeed. Language and technology The way we communicate and share information is, thanks to technology, a … Continue reading

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Scotrail journey alerts: a study in bad usability

Five simple lessons for Scotrail, and anyone providing any kind of service to anyone. Continue reading

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Spelt v spelled

People are often confused about the correct spelling of the past tense of the verb ‘to spell’. As with so many of these issues, the problem seems to be one of a clash between the UK, the US, and the … Continue reading

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Hall of shame: Brighton’s top gay

This lovely photo linked to by @jcodfishpie on Twitter, who commented that ‘Brighton’s top gay should be ashamed of himself’ is another great example of how important is is to check the big picture.

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Ending punctuation – full stops, question marks and exclamation marks

There are three different ways to end a sentence. There is a correct use for each, despite the fact that they are frequently confused. Continue reading

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