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Full stops in quotation marks – where do they go?

If you’re using quotation marks – either for reported speech or for quoting phrases or titles – it’s important to know where to put the punctuation. Continue reading

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In this area, you’ll find blog posts about aspects of grammar that trip people up, or often come up as issues in work that I’m proofing. There are also some how-to guides on dealing with the proofreading process. Feel free … Continue reading

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Editing or proofreading?

I offer both proofreading services and editing. They’re related services and people aren’t always sure of the difference. Basically, proofreading tells you what is wrong with a document or manuscript, whereas editing will tell you how to make things even … Continue reading

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Hall of shame: Ikea finally bend space

I saw this sign on a recent trip to Ikea. The sign claims that “These facilities are also located in the Entrance area and our Restaurant upstairs”. That’s not what they mean of course, they mean that similar facilities are … Continue reading

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Title case v sentence case – when should you use capital letters?

One of the issues that often comes up in people’s work is their use of initial capitals, mostly within headings. This depends on whether your document style is for title case or sentence case. Sentence case Sentence case means capitalising … Continue reading

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