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Love, not Pedantry

Why do we love proofreading? A common charge levelled against proofreaders and editors is that it is nit-picking pedantry, that most annoying and unsociable of habits, which drives us. It puts us in an awkward situation, being that person who … Continue reading

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Spelt v spelled

People are often confused about the correct spelling of the past tense of the verb ‘to spell’. As with so many of these issues, the problem seems to be one of a clash between the UK, the US, and the … Continue reading

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Title case v sentence case – when should you use capital letters?

One of the issues that often comes up in people’s work is their use of initial capitals, mostly within headings. This depends on whether your document style is for title case or sentence case. Sentence case Sentence case means capitalising … Continue reading

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